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As I recall, quite a few years ago I was at a training course and the speaker started off by saying, “An event organizer has one of the 5 most stressful jobs in the world preceded only by the astronaut, airline pilot, military officer and firefighter.”

I remember smiling to myself thinking she was just trying to break the ice with a bit of witticism…after 20 years of working in this sector, I can guarantee that it was anything but! However, in spite of it all, I feel extremely privileged to work in such a dynamic and stimulating profession.

I’ve reached where I am today after having worked in every sector of tourism, gaining experience in the commercial aspect as well as in the various fields of the hospitality industry, my positions ranging from tour operator to event organizer. Indeed, it would be impossible to create an event and bring it to life without having the experience and the knowledge required to master every single aspect of it.

This is how I decided to found PRIVILEGE EVENTS together with my life partner.

We had no idea then where our ventures would take us, but we knew exactly how our agency would operate from the very first day: by keeping close contact with our client, by bringing to it a great deal of creativity and the most scrupulous attention to every detail.

Many years have gone by since that first day and although we are no longer only two people behind this project, our approach with the client has not changed and our dedication has not faltered. Each and every one of us comes from various work experiences thus bringing to the table his/her own line of expertise to form a well balanced and dynamic team.

I like to compare our work to that of a cook: there’s the type of cook who will follow a recipe to the letter and there’s the type of cook who will create a dish from what the pantry has to offer.

PRIVILEGE EVENTS works very much like the second cook since this modus operandi leaves more room for creativity and for stimuli.

I see our customers as the diners seated at a buffet table with delicious food spread out before them and I imagine the success of the event is the meal itself which has been made with just the right ingredients expertly combined in order to satisfy the most refined palate.

Why choose PRIVILEGE EVENTS to help you plan and realize your Project?

Because we are first and foremost a team of people, not numbers; a team you can rely on that knows how important your Projects are and how important it is to listen to your needs and desires. Our aim is to satisfy our customers’ requests with our own brand of creativity and attention to detail.

It is indeed our privilege to organize your event!